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Ruland Process Management System - Flexible management software

RULAND Engineering & Consulting GmbH

Flexible management software offers various functions for state of the art production process

In the food and pharmaceutical industries, PLC control and plant visualization only can no longer fully meet today's requirements to process control systems.

Modern software needs much more functions but to start, run, control and successfully complete a process. Furthermore, it needs to enable quick and easy response to the demands of flexible production processes.

Additional software features play an increasing role in successful plant management, as

  • managing resources for the process
  • planning productions by the resources
  • running production processes depending on the product and its recipe
  • creation of production schedules based on production orders
  • saving and retrieving of quality features including the respective analyses
  • documentation and subsequent analysis of production batches
  • documentation and archiving of process values and occurrences by means of charts and reports

Production process management

This is why Ruland Engineering & Consulting developed a master software to cover all above mentioned functions to match the demands of the food and pharmaceutical industries. RPMS (Ruland Process Management System) manages and coordinates individual control systems on the plant management level. Prior to the start of the actual production, a production schedule will be compiled on the basis of several production orders. Furthermore, priorities may be assigned and the chronology of the production in the individual plant sections determined respectively.

Modular structure

The RPMS structure allows tailoring the system to the customers’ demands by freely combinable modules. Individual modules may be customised as well upon request. Therefore, RPMS enables most flexible planning, control and documentation of the overall production process according to the customers’ needs. Recipes may be created quickly and independently. Based on customers’ requirements, RPMS is continuously being optimised and has meanwhile reached the fourth generation of development.

The different RPMS modules reflect the individual sections of a production process:

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