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zenon – HMI/SCADA software for efficient production control

Ergonomic operation, extensive data analysis






The zenon® Product Family allows companies from the food & beverage industry to have comprehensive visualization, intuitive operation, efficient control and continuous optimization of complex equipment. 

With zenon, COPA-DATA is offering a software for HMI/SCADA and Dynamic Production Reporting that companies from the food & beverages industry can use to implement secure, consistent and ergonomic solutions for their production environments. The software is impressive primarily due to simple and user-friendly operation, flexible expansion possibilities and secure networking throughout heterogeneous machines, equipment and production sites. This is how you can guarantee security and efficiency in engineering and in production operation and maintenance – and achieve high effectiveness of your overall equipment (Overall Equipment Effectiveness, OEE). 

“A great deal of competitive pressure, stringent compliance requirements and increasing raw material and energy costs mean that companies in the food & beverage industry need to react more flexibly and economize more efficiently”, explains Emilian Axinia, Industry Manager Food & Beverage at COPA-DATA. “zenon is the key to continuous and ergonomic production, filling and packaging processes, increased line flexibility, maximum equipment availability and ultimately also reduced Total Cost of Ownership.” 

Act in Compliance with Directives and the Law

In doing so, zenon meets all significant industry-specific specifications, compliance requirements and guidelines. This includes, for example, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, the Weihenstephan standard and also the ISO 50001 standard. The documentation of all processes, the archiving of data and the strict, recorded access regulations guarantee that you, as a manufacturer of beverages or foodstuffs, can always adhere to the current legal requirements and regulations. In doing so, you do not need to include any applications or programs from third-party suppliers; zenon provides these functionalities. 

Easy Recipe Administration

With the Recipegroup Manager, you can control complex equipment and production processes easily and securely. The recipe administration makes it possible to edit any desired number of parameter sets, to save these and to provide them to the process level as target values. The module offers a range of practical functions for the administration of complex recipe collections, for example the logical grouping or free design of format templates. 

Batch Control in zenon

In order to be able to meet all requirements for a solution for the monitoring and control of batch-orientated production, COPA-DATA offers the Batch Control module, fully integrated into zenon, which is ISA-88-compliant. With Batch Control in zenon, companies can create and manage master recipes, which then serve as templates for recipes actually used in production, known as the “control recipes”. In the process, it is possible to separate the equipment and recipe process control, so that the changes to a batch recipe do not entail a change to the equipment automation. No additional technical effort is required. 

zenon Analyzer – Analyze Data, Optimize Equipment

The zenon Analyzer makes it possible to evaluate real-time and historical production and energy data from food & beverage manufacture and to present the results in graphical reports in a clear way. The software supports companies in identifying potential for improvement, minimizing downtime and reducing energy consumption. 

Energy Management in Food & Beverage

With the help of zenon, it is also possible for companies in the food & beverage industry to implement a solution for energy management that not only records energy consumption, the use of resources and production data and displays this clearly and extensively, but also identifies possibilities for optimizing energy efficiency as well as potential for savings. 

Multi-Touch for Intuitive Operation

zenon also offers advanced Multi-Touch support. Users of Multi-Touch technology benefit from an optimal overview at the HMI, as well as intuitive operation. The efficiency in operation of the machines and equipment becomes noticeably improved. Thanks to two-hand operation, secure operation is ensured. Furthermore, the login procedure can be optimized, as users can authenticate themselves and login via a gesture-based login.

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