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With innovative solutions that convey brand images in professional catering and hospitality environments whilst delighting consumers with appealing designs carefully translated into glass, porcelain and ceramics. Drawing on its unique industry and technology know-how, recognized design expertise as well as a strong sense of commitment and responsive cooperation embedded in a climate of trust-based partnership.

The “Exclusive Glass” concept developed by RASTAL in 1964 marks a major milestone in the company’s history. The idea was to create custom-made glass designs tailored to the needs of particular beverage brands and reserved for each respective brand on an exclusive basis. This exclusivity enables brands to showcase their unique identity and to convey a sense of authentic drinking pleasure to consumers. RASTAL’s Exclusive Glasses are today an indispensable element in the marketing mix of successful brands worldwide.

But RASTAL caters to more than just purely professional environments: Private consumers, too, are welcome to bring the experience of pleasure created by RASTAL designs to their very homes. Here again, RASTAL impresses with innovative concepts that combine the best of two worlds by entwining the latest design trends culled from hospitality venues with style-conscious design experiences enriched by a personal touch. RASTAL holds a treasure trove of know-how based on decades of invigorating dialogue with international beverage brands and is therefore more accomplished than anyone else in transforming trends from the beverage world into market-savvy solutions.

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