NIKO Nahrungsmittel-Maschinen GmbH & Co. KG


Since its foundation in the year 1976, NIKO Nahrungsmittel-Maschinen GmbH & Co. KG asserted herself on the market and progressed continuously. By taking over the company SMB and the machine programs of companies Frings and Goebel, the production program expanded constantly. New and further developments concerning the machine program are part of the day-to-day business. Customers both at home and abroad trust in us.

We developed our quality control system - including new test concepts and testing devices - according to the increased requirements of the industry.

Target of the efforts is to enable our customers to produce more economically, flexible and safer.

By preparatory work in our factory, the assembly times on site can be reduced. Our qualified staff trains your staff with regard to operator guidance, possible modifications and machine maintenance during production.

We provide machines for the following industries:

-The canning industry (fruit and vegetables, fish, soups) -Specialty food industry (meat, ketchup, dressing, preserves) -Beverage industry (beer, water, juice, soft drinks) -Confectionery industry (chocolate spreads, tarts and cakes) -Snack industry (machines for conveying and packaging extruded potato crisps)

We produce machines and lines for the food and berverage industry. The machines and lines are designed according to the most current machinery directives and are oriented toward the principles and standards of the food industry (IFS, HACCP, ISO and CE certification). Our machines are characterised by high production efficiency, easy cleaning and maintenance, and low service costs.