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Reasonable and reliable packing of your products

Competence in wooden products

We make sure that your products will reach the place of destination undamaged by adapting the packing individually to your requirements, to the transport and to the storage time.

  • crates and sheds
  • squared timber constructions
  • containerization
  • special pallets and packing
  • reusable packaging

Cask trade

    Sale of recycled kegs

    We are your competent contact for questions all around the cask. Our offer for you:
  • stainless steel and Schäfer-Plus-Kegs
  • neutralizing of kegs
  • cleaning and new print
  • keg repair: repairing of top and bottom rings
  • sale, repair and change of fittings
  • party kegs and equipment
Purchase of kegs & fittings

Should you have surplus kegs and fittings then we are the right ones. We look always for kegs for repairing them for our customers. It is a pleasure for us to pick them up at your place.


New and used beer casks
  • from oak wood
  • 10 to 150 liters capacity
  • pitched or with plastic lining
Used transport and beer storage casks
  • 10 to 6.000 liters capacity
  • furnishing of pubs, restaurants, etc. and brewery museums
  • as an outdoor eye-catcher or for decorating festival vehicles
Used wooden casks or liquor casks
  • all sizes up to 50 liters
  • as plant tub, water-butt or tub for water-plants
  • cask bottoms as wall decoration
  • Of course we try to carry out your individual wishes.

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