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Russell Finex, worldwide suppliers of high quality separation equipment, has 80 years of experience in providing sieving and filtration solutions for the food processing industry. Their wide range of vibratory sieves, separators, ultrasonic mesh deblinding systems, liquid solid separation equipment and self-cleaning liquid filters are engineered for a global market, and supplied to over 140 countries. With companies in the UK, USA, Belgium, India and China, and a far reaching network of experienced agents and distributors across the world, many renowned food companies have turned to Russell Finex for industry leading solutions.

With innovation at the core of the business, Russell Finex is able to set new standards for hygiene, quality and efficiency by anticipating the demands of the food industry, enabling them to provide customized solutions to not only meet industry standards but also customers’ unique separation and filtration needs. Understanding that no one application is the same, Russell Finex provides trials at either the customer’s site or at one of their specialized test facilities to give customers peace of mind they have the right machine for the application.


The Russell Compact Sieve® range of check-screeners provides high capacity screening of powders and liquid slurries to safeguard product quality by removing oversized contamination. These check-screeners can be installed at any part of the production process, from incoming ingredients right through to the finished products, and with a low height can easily be installed in small spaces where headroom is limited. Within the food processing industry, these vibratory sieves have been a popular choice, particularly as they meet FDA standards, with a 3-A version also available. The Russell Compact Sieve® is suited to many food applications, and in recent years has become a standard for many food manufacturers for the check-screening of milk powder and infant food, ass it allows for finer screening without compromising flow rates.


The Finex Separator™ is a multi-purpose machine ideal for grading, screening, dewatering, product recovery and dedusting. When installed with up to 4 meshes, this vibratory separator is able to provide 5 accurate product fractions in one single operation. The Finex Separator™ benefits from major advances in separation technology compared to spring mounted separators, providing large improvements in sieving accuracy and noise levels. Within the food processing industry this high performance separator has been applied for grading coffee beans, screening chocolate brownie pieces, dewatering coffee grinds, dedusting peanuts, recovery of cookie sprinkles and many more.

Ultrasonic Sieving

The Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding system can be applied to existing or new vibratory sieves and separators to overcome screening issues frequently associated with problematic materials such as sticky and fatty food powders. Using an ultrasonic frequency applied to the mesh, the system eliminates mesh blinding to enable screening on finer meshes with greater accuracy. This also reduces the loss of good product, and ensures mesh life is maximized, . This ultrasonic deblinding system has been used for many food applications including the screening of buttermilk, pistachio and rapeseed powder. Liquid Filtration

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® range of liquid filters provides continuous filtration down to 10µm and is a major advancement compared to traditional bag or cartridge filters. These filters utilize a stainless steel re-usable filter element which is continuously cleaned by a wiper system, ensuring product loss is minimized and costs for replacing filter bags or media are eliminated. Within the food processing industry this self-cleaning liquid filter has widely been used for the filtration of viscous liquid food pastes such as honey, caramel or chocolate.

Liquid Solid Separation

The Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ removes soft and fibrous particles from slurries, pastes and liquids with its high speed centrifugal action. Achieving a throughput of up to 100,000l/h on only a small footprint, the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ matches up to the capacity of conventional 60” round separators. Within the food processing industry this centrifugal separator has proven to be a multi-purpose machine providing a solution for the separation of curd and whey, stills and grains, dewatering coffee grinds, recovery of wash water and many more.

Visit the Russell Finex website for more information about separation equipment for the food processing industry.

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