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Non-Contact Color Measurement of Large, Irregularly Shaped Food Samples within Seconds

HunterLab's new Aeros is a spectrophotometer for non-contact spectral color measurement of large, irregularly shaped food samples more

Determine Transmission Color and Haze Simultaneously in Next to No Time

HunterLab’s new Vista® spectrophotometer is a multi-function instrument for food testing labs wanting to capture visible-range transmission color and haze simultaneously, enabling them to determine transmittance, color and haze values more

All-In-One Solid Matter Processing

The RedUnit system combinations for turning solid matter into pumpable media more

MPA II - the FT-NIR spectrometer for a rapid analysis of foodstuffs

The MPA II covers a wide range of food applications including dairy, oil and meat but also flour & milling, confectionary, condiments and beverages. more

Tough? Fatty? Fibrous? Thorough Sample Homogenization The Easy Way

Tough, sticky or fibrous samples like streaky bacon, raisins or grain are easily homogenized with this powerful knife mill more

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