At a glance: Level and pressure sensors with colour display for hygienic processes in the food industry

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Front-flush process fittings and sealed housings can be CIP-cleaned at up to 150 °C during operation


A unique colour illuminated ring for better visibility from all directions and from a distance


Uniform communication standard IO-Link for fast, intelligent connection to control systems

Hygienic, calibration-free and 150 °C CIP-cleanable - with these food sensors your process runs

How do food production processes meet the highest quality standards while remaining fast and cost effective? By using the right sensor technology. VEGA offers the most suitable level and pressure measurement technology for every food application: to ensure unvarying product quality, ideal hygiene and efficiency – especially in direct contact with food and in CIP cleaning, but also in non-food applications.

Hygienic design and high-quality workmanship are top priorities at VEGA. Featuring reliably protected seals, all-metal housings and perfectly smooth media-contacting surfaces, the sensors have been specially developed for the food industry. They meet all the requirements of food safety – confirmed by EHEDG, FDA and 3-A. The focus is also on costs: with the standardized communication protocol IO-Link and the wide range of available connection options, they can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into existing systems and build upon them. VEGA level and pressure solutions are virtually a synonym for fast processes, high reliability and transparency under all application conditions. And they come with a comprehensive range of services as well.

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