About Freunde der Erfrischung

Frozen treats are not only our business, they are also our passion.

In this industry we have many years of experience and we know our way like scarcely any other com­pany. And so every customer gets the best possible advice and the complete range from a single source. With our raw materials, machinery, our quality, our services and of course with our prices we have made it our business to be even nicer and better than the competition.

We intend to devote all our efforts to this. We offer tailor­made machine specials, develop constantly new products for different target groups, start consumer studies, visit and advise our customers.

So if you have still any questions or notes on our offers, you are welcome to give us a call – we will gladly help you! (Fon: +49 (0)421 1651­2700).

By the way, we have some very good trading partners in the european coun­tries, selling our products and machines. So if you are not from Germany, then give us a call or send us an email –­ we will pass your concern to the competent trading partner. If we don’t have a partner in your country, we will supply you directly from Germany. Even non­-European countries are no problem for us.

FDE ­Statement on quality:

In today's world of "penny­pinching mentality" of mass production and abundance taste and quality are very critical factors for the success of our customers. We connect our brands with the idea of the highest quality and best taste. We offer raw materi­als that are produced in Germany sustain­ably and without azo dyes, that taste great to your guests and provide them positive experiences. Your satisfaction and the consumer satisfaction are always the aim of our actions. You can rely on it.

If you are pleased with us or if you want to tell us something ­ – praise or criticism – please write to us.

Facts about Freunde der Erfrischung
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Beverages

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