About FRITCH Bakery Technologies

FRITSCH - for decades in the baking trade our name has been synonymous with high-quality, high-performance bakery machines and state-of-the-art innovations in dough formation and processing methods. FRITSCH GmbH designs and constructs bakery systems in conformance with your baked goods and your product range. To this end, we are just as happy to provide solutions for the classically-trained small-business baker as for the needs of industrial mega producers. Wherever your location, FRITSCH will competently serve and advise you with a worldwide network of subsidiaries and international sales offices. Despite our global activity, however, we are intent on maintaining Germany as our production and development site. Why? Because for one, Germany is where we can find a sufficient number of the highly-motivated and qualified personnel we need. For another, here in Germany we can depend on a highly-developed infrastructure as well as on an intact network of competent suppliers who can satisfy our exacting demands for high quality. Customers at FRITSCH can expect to receive a great deal of respect for both their individual projects and their individual persons. This is due to the nature of the company: FRITSCH is an owner-operated family business, with Klaus FRITSCH as the sole proprietor and managing director of the company.

Facts about FRITCH Bakery Technologies
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