About billi dichtungstechnik

Founded in 1991, billi dichtungstechnik gmbh, began initially with the sale of gland packings. After restructuring and change of company strategy, new products and machines have been added. The focus of the product range has shifted down to the Mechanical Seals. A rapid expansion in Germany and in the European market has changed the requirements for our company. In 1997, founder Mr. Andrea Billi and his partner Mr. Bernard Blum, launch the sister company bb-services gmbh in order to offer complimentary services of mechanical seals: the development and manufacture of special seals according to customer wishes and repair all makes and brands of mechanical seals. At present we supply mechanical seals, standardized according to EN12756 or special solutions for various applications, such as: refrigerant compressors, food processing, marine, and many more.

We serve customers in over 50 countrys around the world.

Facts about billi dichtungstechnik
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : production/operating equipment

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