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Automatic guided vehicle transport systems – this is an international and dynamic growth market. In Pfullingen, set in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, the land of Swabian tinkerers and inventors, ANT-System GmbH ­develops and distributes AGV systems for the low-cost sector. This makes AGVs of interest for businesses and applications in which automated logistics have not ­previously figured.

ANT-System offers complete system solutions for in-house ­logistics, from AGVs to milkruns, through to complex ­manufacturing and logistic systems. Our AGV system is cost effective and flexible, and has proved itself in practical use over many years. Through further development of this system and integration in other transport and storage systems we are able to offer our customers tailor-made logistic solutions for lean management.

ANT-System GmbH is an associate company of HAID GmbH & Co KG (laboratory and workplace systems) as well as BeeWaTec GmbH (one of the leading providers of pipe rack systems). Together the three companies have at their disposal extensive development, production and storage ­facilities in three locations in Pfullingen.

A proven AGV system on the market, long-standing contact with partners, industrial companies and research institutes, an experienced and motivated development team, as well as the resources of both established associate companies – all of these provide the conditions for the firm to be a successful and ­reliable long-term lean management partner. This is what we also are for internationally oriented companies, because as well as being actively involved in the German market we are taking on an increasing role on the European stage.

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