About efficold

efficold is a new way of understanding the world of refrigeration, the ideas and the needs of a sector that demands customized answers on the one hand and more innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions on the other one.

We want to work with you, with your brand. We want to accompany you wherever you go personalizing your products to your needs. Because we specialise in commercial refrigeration and are committed to research, we manage to create new solutions which, keeping the same performance, are more energy efficient and reduce environmental impacts.

efficold manufactures and commercializes all types of refrigerated appliances for beer, soft drinks, juices, waters and dairy products producers or distributors. Our key competitive factors: product customization, adaptation with flexibility and responsiveness to customers needs, constant research in order to provide solutions that respect the environment with maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

Facts about efficold
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Other

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