About Gold Peg International Pty

Gold Peg is a proud member of the global Natec Network ★specialists in industrial food solutions to meet your needs★

So...Gold Peg!? Funny name for a direct steam injection cooking system designer and manufacturer. I could tell you the 'Gold' stands for quality and the 'Peg' stands for stability, which is true, but it started as a shelf name chosen by Bob Smith (technology inventor and company founder in 1988).

Today, Gold Peg designs and manufactures food equipment specialising in Direct Steam Injection continuous & batch cooking systems. Here are two of the unique world leading continuous systems:

● RotaTherm® Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooking System: The RotaTherm® was invented by our founder Bob Smith, and is the world's leading direct steam injection continuous cooking system. The continuous steam cooker is used by global companies for processed cheese (including analogue!), hybrid mozzarella, cooking & table sauces, baby food, dips, taco meat, pet food and more!

Benefits include: ☑ Non-stop production for up to 156 hours ☑ Super-efficient even heating ensures pasteurisation and UHT ☑ A wide range of models for a variety of food applications and production rates

● 'GPiCS' Continuous Natural Mozzarella Cooker Stretcher: GPiCS has been specially designed for the industrial production of natural mozzarella, string cheese and pasta filata varieties.

Benefits include: ☑ The ability to add ingredients ☑ Direct steam injection ☑ Fully enclosed hygienic system ☑Flexibility to respond to individual requirements

We have a complete range of batch cookers too that utilise our direct steam injection technology.

Facts about Gold Peg International Pty
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

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