UAB “Terekas” produces both blow moulding machinery and PET containers. These interrelated areas support each other and set us apart from competitors.

PET containers Expert knowledge in the blow moulding process enables us to develop attractive and cost-effective PET bottles and jars. In addition to PET containers, we offer a wide range of closures, handles, and other .

Blow moulding machinery Cost-effective two-step blow moulding machines are produced with highest European quality standards and simplified construction solutions.

In-house production Production service on the customer’s premises is especially valued by our customers. Skilled operators as well as new generation machinery and experience in the field means a safe and cost-effective supply of PET bottles.

The way we work ensures dynamic growth for us and our customers. Established in 1995, this Lithuanian family company is the only producer of blow moulding machinery and the largest PET container producer in the Baltic States.

Facts about TEREKAS
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

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