About Automated Food Systems

At Automated Food Systems (AFS) we do just what our name suggests, provide automation solutions to the global food production market. No matter what the size of your business; sole proprietor, small to medium company, or large corporation, the goal is a common one although different in scale: Increase production and sales while decreasing costs for maximum profitability. We utilize our 30+ years in the food industry to help our customers, large and small, near and far meet that goal.

Our innovative product line includes process automation for kebabs, corn dogs and wood skewers, as well as complementary accessories. Our proven processing systems increase yields, reduce costs and improve profitability, with many AFS customers realizing costs savings of up to 90%.

Our in-depth knowledge of industrial food manufacturing shows in the efficient design and solid construction of our products. This combined with our customer-friendly approach is what makes us unique. When you call Automated Food Systems, you will speak to a live company representative who will provide you with expert advice.

Facts about Automated Food Systems
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

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