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GEA Niro is a world leading brand within drying technology. The company behind, originally known as Niro Atomizer, was founded in 1933 by Johan Ernst Nyrop who was one of the pioneers in spray drying technology. Since then, the company has grown to be the world leader within liquid and powder processing equipment for the production of powders, granulates, and agglomerates. In 1993, the company - then just known as Niro - was acquired by German GEA Group. Later, it became the head office for GEA Group’s Process Engineering activities and the name was changed to GEA Process Engineering A/S.

Today, the GEA Niro product range includes process units and complete processing lines based on spray drying, freeze drying, flash drying, and fluid bed processing technology. They are applied in the food, dairy, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries in order to produce a wide range of products in powder form. GEA Niro plants are sold by GEA Process Engineering worldwide.

GEA Process Engineering GEA Process Engineering, the company behind GEA Niro, is based in Denmark. GEA Process Engineering A/S in Soeborg, Denmark is the technology center for GEA Niro drying technology and the head office for GEA’s Process Engineering Segment. GEA Process Engineering A/S also includes the office in Skanderborg, GEA Liquid Processing.

GEA Process Engineering is represented in 50 countries and has approx. 5,900 employees and a turnover of more than EUR 1.8 billion. In Denmark, there are approx. 600 employees. GEA Process Engineering is part of GEA Group, one of the leading stock-listed industrial groups in Germany, and an internationally operating technology group with approx. 18,000 employees worldwide and a turnover of EUR 4.3 bn. (2013).

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