About Primodan

Primodan is a Danish manufacturing company incorporating more than 60 years of experience within the Dairy and food processing industry.

Primodan is an order-producing company of filling and sealing machines as well as complete dairy plants for markets worldwide. Primodan produces several well known ranges of filling and sealing machines for use in highly efficient production lines by customers throughout the world. Primodan filling and sealing machines are equipped with specialised filling systems for the filling of liquid and semi-liquid products, such as yoghurt, margarine, cream cheese, ice cream and many other products into pre-formed cups. Primodan is concentrating on the design and manufacturing of filling and capping machinery in general but specially filling, coagulation equipment for the rapidly growing industry for UF cast cheese. We expand these activities to include the design, planning, installation and testing of complete plants and turnkey projects. Through targeted efforts, the Primodan name has become synonymous with high quality and efficiency within the application of know-how and innovation in terms of machinery and equipment, and complete solutions comprising processing lines as well as filling lines customised to meet the specific needs of individual customers. In order to obtain constant performance on the part of our machines, Primodan provides a highly skilled support organisation specialising in the service, maintenance and repair of our machinery. We maintain a rapid response alert ready to meet customers requirements as soon as possible, wherever in the world these might arise. More than 90% of the turnover is exported, mostly to markets in Europe and the Middle East.

Facts about Primodan
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

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