About Automatismos Teinco

The firm Automatismos Teinco, S.L. has been created in 1989 by José Maria Brunet after a long professional career in the industrial instrumentation, aiming the leader place for his firm in this industry. In this way José Maria Brunet has up to now bring together the whole time, efforts and means needed to fill this ambition.

Our field of action is large: from the food market, with meats, fishes, vegetables and milk products, to the chemical industry or pharmaceutical products. Our wide panel of equipments and systems is adapted to the demand of our customer, who can get the advantage from our technical service which comes along with him over the installing process.

We also have a laboratory which allows us to do calibration of pressure gauge, thermometers and temperature measuring devices.

Facts about Automatismos Teinco
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

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