About NGB Technologis for Industry

Specializes in manufacturing and marketing conveying equipment and other technical products made of plastic, steel and stainless steel. At the start, NGB began to manufacture conveyor components for its internal use. But as the demand grew, NGB expanded its production and today, 95% of the components are intended for the national and international market. All manufacturing processes are monitored by high quality control, which ensures the reliability of the products. The metal conveying products are made of excellent steel, including Stainless Steel according to the customer's requirements. Metal part go through thermal treatments, which endowed them strength and long life service. The metal production includes: Conveyor Chains, Agriculture Chains, Slat Conveyor Chains, Metal strip and Wire Conveyor belts. The high grade thermoplastic raw material crown the final products with a collection of properties which make them very successful and sought products in the food and chemical industry. Their main properties are high strength, low friction, high wear and shock resistance, high chemical resistance and anti-rust. The plastic production line contains: Slat conveyor Chains, Serpentine Chains, Plastic Belts and thermoplastic bearing housings. NGB employs a large engineering team which enables it to recomment different solutions of high engineering standards.

Facts about NGB Technologis for Industry
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

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