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Royal Unibrew produces, markets, sells and distributes quality beverages. We focus on branded products within beer, malt and soft drinks, including soda water, mineral water and fruit juices as well as cider and long drinks (RTD).

Royal Unibrew is as a leading regional player in a number of markets in Western and Eastern Europe and in the international malt drinks markets.

Our main markets comprise primarily Denmark, Finland, Italy and Germany as well as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The international malt drinks markets comprise a number of established markets in the Caribbean and major cities in Europe and North America with high concentration of inhabitants from the Caribbean and African areas in which malt drinks are popular as well as emerging markets in Africa, Central America and South America.

In Denmark we are a leading supplier of beer and soft drinks with a number of strong brands.

In Finland Royal Unibrew is a leading beverage player through the acquisition on 23 August 2013 of Hartwall with a number of strong brands within primarily beer, soft drinks, long drinks and cider. With the acquisition of Royal Unibrew extends its partnerships with Heineken and PepsiCo to Finland. For further information on Hartwall, please press .www.hartwall.fi

In Italy we are among the market leaders in the super premium segment with Ceres Strong Ale.

In both Latvia and Lithuania, we are among the two leading beverage businesses holding considerable market positions within beer and soft drinks, including fruit juices. Our activities in Estonia are being developed organically.

In the international malt drinks markets, we are among the market leaders in the premium segment with Vitamalt, Supermalt and Powermalt.

In 2013, the Company posted revenue of DKK 4,5 billion and sold 7.0 million hectolitres of beer, malt and soft drinks. The Group, which is domiciled in Faxe, Denmark, has a total of around 2,600 employees worldwide. Royal Unibrew is listed on NASDAQ OMX and has approx 15,500 registered shareholders.

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