About FRoSTA

FRoSTA AG is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of innovative, nutritious frozen food of the highest quality.

What we want more than anything is that our customers are always delighted with our products. We take the utmost care to ensure that all our products are of the highest quality and always safe.

More than 1,600 people work for FRoSTA AG in eight countries. We produce at three plants in Germany and one in Poland.

Since 2003 we are following a unique path of transparency and sustainability: all of our FRoSTA products are 100% free of food additives like taste enhancers, colorings, stabilizers, and aromas. We use only the purest, best tasting and sustainable ingredients and process them by focusing on traditional kitchen techniques and utmost transparency for the consumer. Our portfolio includes frozen fish, vegetables, herbs and ready meals in Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic. FRoSTA products are available from supermarkets.

In April 2013, FRoSTA was the first frozen food brand to publish on the Internet the countries of origin of each batch of our ingredients. Since autumn 2015, we are printing this information directly on the product packaging.

FRoSTA is the fastest growing frozen food brand in Germany and market leader in fish in Poland. We are expanding our FRoSTA assortment in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Rumania and Czech Republic.

FRoSTA AG is also a specialist production partner in the development and production of high-quality customer brands for the European retail and wholesale sectors.

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