TurtleTree Labs is recreating real milk inside a lab using the latest cutting edge innovation in biotech. Our focus on execution will disrupt this multi-billion dollar industry while reducing the carbon footprint on this planet. Our innovation will provide millions access to safer, reliable and higher quality dairy products.

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    TurtleTree Raises US$30 Million in First Tranche of Series A Funding

    TurtleTree has successfully raised US$30 million in the first tranche of their Series A funding, one of the largest investment rounds to date in Asia's cell-based food sector. Rapidly gaining prominence for its novel use of cell-based technology in milk production, the biotech company has n ... more

    TurtleTree Launches New Research and Development Facility in Greater Sacramento

    TurtleTree has officially opened its new R&D facility in California's state capital. Located in West Sacramento, this 24,000-square-foot building will house a world-class research hub showcasing the company's extensive array of innovations and cell-based technologies. Representing a milesto ... more

    TurtleTree and Solar Biotech enter strategic partnership

    Solar Biotech, led by industrial biotech expert Alex Berlin, has become a significant piece of the puzzle for sustainable food tech companies taking products to market. TurtleTree knew from the beginning that one of the biggest challenges for food tech companies was developing the technolog ... more