About Würzmische

We are Würzmische: hobby cooks, grill lovers and spicy eaters. Our story begins in 2019, when Würzmische founds its origin in the following questions. "Why is there salt in every spice mix?" and "Why are there so few organic spice mixes? It was clear that we had to create an alternative that corresponded to our convictions and ideals of good spice mixes. That is why Würzmische stands for high-quality spice mixtures in organic quality and without the addition of salts. By doing without salts, we do not falsify the taste and content of our mixtures. Würzmische can't salt your food, is in organic quality, handmade and packed sustainably. And best of all - it simply tastes fantastic. That is our vision! With Würzmische we want to share our passion for delicious food and make it possible for everyone to create great dishes. Whether you are a beginner chef, chef, grill enthusiast or spicy eater, Würzmische offers a culinary adventure for everyone.

We love our mixes and are sure you will love them too!

Facts about Würzmische
  • Founding: 2019
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Food

Product portfolio of Würzmische

Product portfolio

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