FRANKFURTER BRAUUNION GmbH was founded in January 2020 by Simon Horn, Stefan Lucht, Raffaela Schöbel and Sven Weisbrich in Frankfurt am Main. Their common goal is to establish a new, high-quality beer brand for the city of Frankfurt am Main and beyond that brings people together and into exchange with each other. This project is further strengthened by regular voluntary campaigns throughout Germany, with the help of the special edition FXXXXFXXXXR BUNTES, through which the FRANKFURTER BRAUUNION GmbH campaigns for social issues and against discrimination. The two main products of FRANKFURTER BRAUUNION GmbH are FXXXXFXXXXR HELLES and FXXXXFXXXXR RADLER alcohol-free. They are brewed in Hallerndorf, Bavaria, in strict compliance with the German Purity Law of 1516 and distributed to end customers and business customers, primarily in Frankfurt am Main and the surrounding region, via specialised trade, stationary retail, gastronomy as well as direct sales and the online shop https://www.wegbierkiosk.de/. Further horizontal and vertical cooperations in the field of brewing and gastronomy are in the planning stage and are intended to strategically expand FRANKFURTER BRAUUNION GmbH's range of products and services and to strengthen its business in the long term.