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Good, lovingly handmade things have their price. Logical, you might think, but the truth is: with the industrial production of food, we have largely lost the personal connection to food and its appreciation. A quick look in a well-stocked discount store shows: Today, almost everything is available cheaper and cheaper.

Cheap prices do not come about without someone in the supply chain being disadvantaged. As a rule, it hits the small, family-run farms first, which either make their production more efficient at the expense of quality or have to give up traditional handicraft under the cost pressure of the food corporations.

In order to counteract this trend, we create conditions through our model that enable the producers to manufacture their product in a traditional way, economically sensible and according to the highest quality standards. Through your contributions we can pay the producers fairly.

We want to contribute to the preservation of natural production methods of valuable food in family structures. We are not traditionalists. We just like honest work and well made things. We want people like you to share in the joy and pleasure of high-quality food in harmony with nature.

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Facts about hinterland
  • Founding: 2020
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Food

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Product portfolio

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