About DAIZ

DAIZ was founded in 2015 by a serial entrepreneur Mr. Ide. DAIZ has developed MIRACLE MEAT, a soybean-derived plant meat chip, by utilizing the Ochiai Germination Method invented by Mr. Ochiai, Chief Technology Officer of DAIZ, as its core proprietary technique to reproduce the flavor and texture of meat from germinated soybeans. The unique method stimulates the metabolism of soybeans by applying various stress factors, causing the soybeans to germinate in a state that is more suitable for use in plant-derived meat than general soybeans. MIRACLE MEAT produced by the method excels other protein-based meat’s ingredients in terms of taste, aroma, and flavor, and has already boasted a track record of its adoption by more than 50 companies including major hamburger chains, supermarkets, and restaurants. Regarding overseas business of DAIZ, the Kumamoto-based company established its subsidiary in Boston, USA in May 2021, and has already embarked on breaking into overseas markets in partnership with Japanese food manufacturers.

Facts about DAIZ
  • Founding: 2015
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : biotechnology, Food

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