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Our name stands for quality. Behind it there is a stable midsized enterprise that has been in the ownership of the Erbslöh family since its foundation. Erbslöh meets the challenges we face today and will face in the future with 5 clear principles which govern our entire corporate policy:

1. The preservation and expansion of our market position requires ongoing and intensive research and development work.

2. We secure our advantage in terms of know-how and experience through our close cooperation with beverage technology and oenology institutes, universities and wine-production schools in research and development.

3. Erbslöh uses its global presence and, thereby, its closeness to international markets for a better observation of them. This enables us to recognize coming trends and future-proof technologies in good time.

4. Erbslöh consequently relies upon sustainability. This includes both our production facilities and our products. Responsible handling of natural resources is a matter of course for us, as much as the naturalness of our first-class materials.

5. Erbslöh remains independent and autonomous. Both our R & D and our production facilities are owned by us completely. This ensures practice-oriented results and secures high quality standards.

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