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An idea develops into a plan. A plan becomes a vision. And Boyens Backservice turns visions into reality! Whenever innovative products need to be developed for professionals, we are always one step ahead of the market, in the interest of our customers, with the development of the optimum solution.

We are a strong partner of the food industry in the area of baking release agents, baking raw materials and bakery technology, since more than 35 years.The ability to orientate at the customers needs and wishes has let us turn one of the most successful an leading suppliers in this business.

We are also well positioned for the future in terms of meeting your requirements for uncompromising quality and reliability, thanks to our highly motivated employees whose professional qualifications are based on long-standing experience within the field of baking technology. Your requirements are our obligation – our vision becomes reality! We are happy to advise you on any queries you may have relating to our extensive product range.

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