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Today, the beverage industry supplies worldwide a very wide range of many different alcohol-free beverages, from mineral water straight from the spring, to carbonated refreshment beverages of all types to very specific mixed drinks made of fruits or other local ingredients.

Consumers place high demands on the taste, colour, homogeneity, shelf life and attractive presentation which can only be satisfied with industrial equipment.

Van der Molen has been active in the beverages industry for more than 50 years. We supply the core of production systems for beverages of all types - the complete processing technology for dissolving, dosing and mixing.

We supply both small compact systems for low volume batch production with an arbitrary number of recipes and a wide range of processes as well as large systems designed for the continuous production of massive volumes of beverages of all types.

The continuous development of our scope of equipment over the past few years has mainly been dominated by four key factors:

  • The more extensive automation of all functions
  • Uncompromisingly documented processes and the traceability of handled ingredients
  • Extensive energy saving, particularly for all thermal processes
  • Extension of the range of recipes which can be produced by a single system.

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