ASA Automatisierungs- und Fördersysteme GmbH


Family based and future minded – this is us

Since company foundation in 1989, ASA GmbH has been a family led company. With our headquarter in Mainhausen, approximately 30 minutes from Frankfurt International Airport, we are not only based in the centre of Germany, but are well reachable by international customers.

ASA GmbH has grown steadily in its 25 year existence. Our customers appreciate not only our solvent and healthy company but especially our know-how was a provider for individual material flow solutions and handling techniques. In the field of industry- and factory automation we are a popular partner.

Continues developments and provision of material flow solutions, which fulfill our customer`s demands, are the centre of our focus. This is what you can expect of us

Our principle of operation is as flexible, as our production systems. From problem identification and solution finding to performance and support and assistance, your wishes and requirements are the centre of our focus. Especial care is put on a close and reliable cooperation, based on partnership.

Through a family based and at the same time modern management structure with a shallow hierarchy, as well as solid teams, decision making processes are short and efficient. Our customers benefit from this, since this approach doesn´t only simplify the path to success but ensures direct communication.

In order to reach the best possible results, we use most modern technology and methods. Perfection, professionalism and innovation allow our customers us to stay ahead of their competitors. You would like to know if we can fulfill also your requirements. Contact us and we are sure to convince you! Full Service 24 hours and 365 days a year

Our service includes planning, project management, as well as implementation of complete and complex automation solutions (turnkey solutions). An ASA project team with dedicated contact persons is permanently available for project planning and handling of processes.

Our after sales service ensures permanent availability for our customers. In a partnership we work on the necessary, precautionary maintenance tasks. We cover the professional maintenance and guarantee rapid repairs and immediate provision of spare parts. A preliminary fault analysis can be achieved via a remote maintenance system.