HMEZAD exim d.d.


In Slovenia, the hop growing has a long tradition. Varieties that are grown traditionally are known as STYRIANS. Between them we can find: Styrian Golding, Aurora( Super Styrian®) and Styrian Golding B.

All varieties were introduced by the Slovenian Institute for Brewing and Hop Research, institution still responsible for permanent improvement in the fields of hop growing technology and breeding new varieties in Slovenia.

HMEZAD exim d.d. was established in 1952. It was organized as hop farmer’s cooperative in the beginning. Today it is a stock company and hop farmers or their organisations are holding a part of its shares. That's why company is still very close to growers.

Company’s main activity is hop trade and hop processing. Our mission is to supply brewers with high quality products. Following this, permanent care and stringent quality control is implemented so that hops quality is controlled through entire process. Beginning on the farm, with plant protection, harvesting, drying, baling and storage and further processing to hop products, until final delivery to customer.