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Aware of its great history and heritage, some time ago, with firm resolve and remarkable operational skills, Enrico Giotti S.p.A. set out to give the company a makeover.

The corporate strategy resulted in national and international acquisitions to explore both current and emerging markets with a view to adding value to the company over time, in terms of turnover, reputation, product quality, competitive services and innovation.

Innovating means adapting to sudden changes in the national and international scenarios by tapping into the needs of current and potential customers, not to copy but rather to propose something genuinely new as the fruits of thorough research.

Making sure our products are safe and meet the requirements laid down by the main food regulations, in compliance with any legal requirements and the customers’ specifications and briefs, is a priority for us. Such general goal is reflected in a major plan through which our internal processes and documents will be revised and adjusted, until they meet IFS and BRC standards. Such plan has many implications but all of them rest on the need to make all our staff, in any position, aware that product quality and safety, as well as environmental sustainability, are the “rails” which our continuous improvement must run along.

Aware of the huge importance of protecting the workers’ health and safety, of environmental protection and sustainability as well as customer satisfaction, Enrico Giotti S.p.A. is committed, through its group-wide policy, to develop, produce and provide practical solutions that may offer economic and environmental benefits to the entire system, by pursuing sustainable development, minimising occupational hazards for its people, preventing accidents and occupational diseases, informing its work to the integrity, transparency and business ethics that have always been the company’s distinctive values.

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