Easter with Veganuary

Veganuary launches year-round campaigns for plant-based diets

29-Mar-2023 - United Kingdom

As part of Veganuary, more people than ever before have taken the start of 2023 as an opportunity to consciously try out a purely plant-based diet. And the Federal Statistical Office again reports a significant decline in German meat production in 2022 compared to the previous year. From March 27, shortly before Easter, the non-profit organization Veganuary is motivating people to accelerate this trend further with the #VeganuaryChickenWeek campaign - and to test the start of a purely plant-based diet.

Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary

Aljosha Muttardi: Sustainable rethinking underway.

More than 700 million animals such as chickens, ducks and geese were slaughtered in the German poultry industry in 2022, and hens laid around 13.2 billion eggs, according to the latest figures from the Federal Statistical Office. "These figures are absurd, but: more and more people want to do something about animal suffering and the associated consequences for the environment and climate, and recognize that plant-based nutrition is the most effective way to do this," says physician and vegan activist Aljosha Muttardi. "Quite simply, you can choose animal-free products - egg or chicken alternatives, for example. This has a big impact for animals and the environment."

Since 2017, meat production in Germany has fallen by about 14 percent overall, as have imports (down 15.9 percent) and exports (down 19.3 percent). 2022 is the second year in a row that we've also seen a downward trend in poultry meat production.*

Veganuary advocates for nutritional turnaround year-round

1,610 new vegan products and dishes hit the market, store shelves and menus worldwide for Veganuary 2023. But even beyond the vegan New Year's resolution, the globally active organization advocates for easy entry into plant-based diets - driving the nutritional turnaround in society and business:

"With campaigns such as #VeganuaryChickenWeek, we are additionally strengthening the sustainable effects of the Veganuary in the current year and creating further community momentum in social media, while shopping or in restaurants, motivating people to simply give a purely plant-based diet a try," says Christopher Hollmann, who heads the Veganuary in Germany. Other campaigns include #VeganuaryFishWeek, #VeganuaryBBQ and #PlantMilkWeek, following in June, July and August, respectively. "For the week-long campaigns, we provide information about the positive impact of vegan diets and also offer incentive and support to businesses and brands to target their plant-based offerings."

Promotions for #VeganuaryChickenWeek.

With success: in the restaurant industry, restaurant chain Peter Pane is celebrating #VeganuaryChickenWeek with a discount promotion on vegan chicken burgers and bringing back the plant-based nuggets introduced in January at a promotional price. Among participating food brands, Greenforce, for example, is expanding its product line with a plant-based egg alternative for baking.

Easter with Veganuary - register now

Who has desire to try out the purely vegetable nutrition for one month, registers under www.veganuary.com/mitmachen for the 31-tägigen Veganuary Newsletter. This offers practical everyday Tipps, background information, news as well as recipes and new products. In addition, the Veganuary celebrity cookbook with recipes from Bryan Adams, Oli P., Sadie Frost and others is available as a free download when registering. In the action period of the #VeganuaryChickenWeek - of 27. March to 2 April - is to all interested beyond that an exclusive prescription collection for the preparation of vegan egg and Chicken alternatives at the disposal.

* The above figures were collected by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), 2023.

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