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Plant-Based Proteins May Lead to Allergies

Scientists find that allergies to soy and peanuts can be activated by common meat-free alternatives based on other legumes, but most people won’t experience a reaction


Many people keen to reduce their meat consumption are turning to substitutes made of legumes packed with protein, vitamins, and fiber. But allergies to legumes like soy or peanuts are both common and dangerous. Are patients allergic to particular legumes at risk from meat-free proteins made of ...


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White, red, and blue signals alert you to dangerous germs!

A simple, rapid method to simultaneously identify multiple food poisoning bacteria


Osaka Metropolitan University scientists have developed a simple, rapid method to simultaneously identify multiple food poisoning bacteria, based on color differences in the scattered light by nanometer-scaled organic metal nanohybrid structures (NHs) that bind via antibodies to those bacteria. ...


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Consumption of extra virgin olive oil during pregnancy increases the level of antioxidants in breast milk and in offspring


The consumption of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) —a product with widely known benefits for our health— increases the level of phenolic compounds in breast milk and can cross the placental barrier, reaching the descendant. This has been stated in a study carried out by a team of the Faculty of ...


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Oral immunotherapy induces remission of peanut allergy in some young children

NIH trial found experimental therapy also reduced most children’s sensitivity to peanut


A clinical trial funded by the National Institutes of Health has found that giving peanut oral immunotherapy to highly peanut-allergic children ages 1 to 3 years safely desensitized most of them to peanut and induced remission of peanut allergy in one-fifth. The immunotherapy consisted of a daily ...


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Rapid test to ensure high milk quality


Standards of food safety and food quality have never been higher in Germany and throughout the European Union. This is especially true in the dairy industry. Yet despite such high standards, traces of impurities, pesticides and antibiotics can find their way into milk, with sometimes serious ...


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