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Exploit plants' ability to tell the time to make food production more sustainable - study


Cambridge plant scientists say circadian clock genes, which enable plants to measure daily and seasonal rhythms, should be targeted in agriculture and crop breeding for higher yields and more sustainable farming. Like humans, plants have an 'internal clock' that monitors the rhythms of their ...


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Alternative meats are not suppressing reliance on grazing animal sources

Examination of global data by a University of Oregon sociologist finds new meat sources drive additional consumption and continued environmentally costly production


The addition of meat alternatives such as poultry and fish is not reducing the global production and consumption of energy-gobbling land-based meats, according to new research. That conclusion comes from an analysis of 53 years of international data by University of Oregon sociologist Richard ...


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Popeye with a whiff of rotten eggs

A sulfosugar from green vegetables promotes the growth of important gut bacteria


An international team of scientists led by microbiologists Alexander Loy from the University of Vienna and David Schleheck from the University of Konstanz has uncovered new metabolic capabilities of gut bacteria. For the first time, the researchers have analyzed how microbes in the gut process ...


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Hornitos Tequila Breaks into the Ready-To-Drink Category

Launch of Hornitos® Tequila Seltzer


Ready to jumpstart your summer seltzer season? Hornitos has you covered. Hornitos® Tequila, a leading premium tequila brand founded on the belief that nothing great ever happens without taking a chance, announced the launch of a bold, new line of tequila-based ready-to-drink beverages, Hornitos ...


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Glass bottles with up to 90% lower carbon impact

This is a truly momentous occasion for glass


The partnership with glass bottle supplier, Encirc, allows Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company to take another step towards Carlsberg Group’s ZERO carbon footprint ambition with a trial demonstrating the possibility to cut the carbon impact of glass bottles by up to 90%. The trial with glass ...


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A beverage sector in flux works on sustainable bottle concepts for the future

No other issue is currently of greater concern to drinks manufacturers than the choice of material for bottles


In the beverage sector, the development of new forms of packaging is enjoying unprecedented momentum. Because despite their many benefits, the general suspicion about plastic bottles is that sooner or later they end up polluting the natural environment. This explains why consumers are ...


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Heineken beer has been brewed using 100% green energy

Since last month, all Heineken beer for the Dutch market has been brewed completely green


With Heineken® Netherlands’ mission to be fully circular by 2030, the beer brand has taken another sustainable step. Since July this year, all Heineken beer for the Dutch market has been brewed using 100% green energy. Since 2010, the brewer has been working on its global sustainable ambition ...


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Introducing a first sip of Coca-Cola with Coffee

2021 launch in the U.S.


Coca-Cola North America is givingsome of its biggest fans the chance to refresh their coffee routine and enjoy an exclusive first sip of the brand’s top innovation of 2021. Coca-Cola® With Coffee – which officially hits ready-to-drink coffee aisles nationwide in January 2021 – fuses the ...


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McCain Foods unveils Australia’s largest “behind-the-meter” renewable energy system

McCain’s Ballarat plant will reduce CO2 emissions by 27,100 tonnes per year


McCain Foods Australia has announced today it has commenced construction on a renewable energy system that will reduce emissions from its Ballarat food processing facility by more than 27,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The project, which will house Australia’s largest “behind-the-meter” renewable ...


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World's smelliest fruit could charge your mobile phone

Pungent produce packs an electrical punch


A University of Sydney researcher has developed a new method using the world's most repulsive smelling fruit. Turning durian waste into super-capacitors could "substantially reduce" the cost of energy storage and charge devices very quickly. Imagine if we could use naturally-grown products, like ...


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