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Treating vapour condensate with Envopur Revap – reduce water footprint

The Top 3 Advantages

Water reuse


Relieve wastewater treatment


Save fresh water costs

Cow water and permeates are treated biologically and physically in order to reuse water

The Envopur ReVap method is a continuously operating water treatment process. It treats vapour condensate and permeate water so that it can be reused safely and efficiently as process water e. g. within dairy production.

The substances contained in the vapour condensate or permeate are first biodegraded then filtered off via biofilters, after which microorganisms and residual turbidity are removed by ultrafiltration. Finally, salts and the final organic substances are removed by reverse osmosis.

The water recovered can be used in a variety of ways: as rinse water, cooling tower make-up water or boiler feed water. The membrane technology ensures it is germ-free and the reverse osmosis means it is particularly low in salt.

Treatment can make sense from as little as 25 m3 vapour condensate an hour. If the price of fresh water or wastewater is particularly high, the process can be worthwhile at 10 m3 per hour.

  • Water reuse

  • cow water reuse

  • reduces fresh water consumption

  • relieves wastewater treatment plant

  • saves fresh water costs

  • Process water treatment plant

  • biological-physical process

  • cow water treatment plant

  • sustainable water treatment technology

  • vapor condensate treatment plant

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