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Forschungskreis der Ernährungsindustrie e.V. (FEI)

Godesberger Allee 142-148
53175 Bonn
+49 228 3079699-0
+49 228 3079699-9

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The Research Association of the German Food Industry (FEI) is a non-profit, registered association supporting research projects in all fields of food science, food technology and nutritional science. Up today the FEI is the sole research association spanning almost all branches and disciplines of the food and drink industry in Germany. The FEI connects economy and science: It coordinates yearly about 100 cooperative research projects, organises scientific conferences and publishes different media for experts. 60 enterprises, 55 industrial branch associations and 120 research institutes are organised within the Research Association of the German Food Industry (FEI). The financing is provided by private funding (enterprises and industrial associations) and public funding (Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology).

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  • News

    New method for defence against noroviruses on fruit and vegetables

    Noroviruses defy many resistances: They can withstand freezing temperatures down to -150 °C and also longer baking processes at 200 °C. They can also survive outside their host for more than a week. The pathogens that occur worldwide are responsible for the majority of non-bacterial gastroi ... more

    Food 4.0 with 3D printing

    Food printers that print food paper with food colouring, for example, have been on the market for a long time. The leap from printing a two-dimensional surface to printing three-dimensional structures has also been successful: In order to offer astronauts more variations of their meal plans ... more

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