Über DAL Schiffahrts-Agentur

Liner services are much about experience and connections particulary if you are talking about Africa. The Deutsche Afrika-Linien can reflect back on a long history in the trade. Shippers and passengers alike soon acknowledged the reliability, punctuality and speed of the liner services to Africa. These virtues are even more important today. With the introduction of containerized shipping the demand for just-in-time services became even more important. For more than a quarter century DAL and its partners have been serving Southern Africa on a 7-day-named-day schedule. The Indian Ocean Islands are also served on a frequent basis. Our customers can rely on the African knowledge we have gained in the past with this Continent. For easy access we offer a network of booking agents both in Europe and Africa and the latest IT-technology including container tracking and tracing systems via the internet. With personal advice over the phone or a visit to the customer, the staff of Deutsche Afrika-Linien are able to offer a service that has become uncommon in times dominated by computers. We will never forget that we deal with human beings.

Fakten zu DAL Schiffahrts-Agentur
  • Schwerpunkt : Dienstleister
  • Branche : Logistik

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