About P.E. Labellers

P.E. LABELLERS S.p.A is a company specialized in designing and producing leading labelling machines, using all the existing technologies (cold glue, self-adhesive, hot melt, roll-fed and combination systems) and suggesting new ones. For forty years P.E. LABELLERS is present in the Italian market with a high number of references but 95% of the sales revenue comes from exports. P.E. labelling machines are exported all over the world and P.E. is one of the worldwide leaders in the labelling sector. P.E. can boast more than 8.000 rotary labellers and more than 1.000 linear labellers installed on the international market, with a medium turnover of 40 million euro per year.

Facts about P.E. Labellers
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Packaging

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