About ADM Rothensee

ADM Hamburg AG offers farmers in East Germany the opportunity to sell rapeseed direct to the largest oilseed processor in Germany.

Founded in 1996 as Oelmühle Rothensee, ADM Hamburg AG is now an originator of rapeseed and grains from farmers, farmer’s associations, co-operatives and local merchants.

Originally, the activities of ADM Hamburg AG concentrated on securing rapeseed on farms and in various storages throughout East Germany for our crushing plants in Hamburg and Spyck. These activities were expanded to originating grains in August 2006. Recently the name was changed to ADM Hamburg AG.

ADM Hamburg AG originates the majority of the rapeseed on farm via its farm reps, but large volumes are also purchased from local merchants, co-operatives and international trading houses. The purchased seed is stored on farm or in various storages predominantly in East Germany for distribution throughout the year.

In August 2006 ADM Hamburg AG started its grain business. This business is growing at a rapid pace which underscores the farmer’s confidence in ADM as a fair and reliable trading partner.

Direct sourcing with ADM Hamburg AG allows ADM primary contact with the farmer and helps achieve first-hand information from origination about crop development and yield estimations. The farmer has access to first – hand market information, allowing him to make better – informed marketing decisions. Thus a mutually beneficial partnership between ADM and the farmer arises.

ADM Hamburg AG also offers a range of marketing packages allowing farmers to optimise both farm storage and cash flow demands.

In February 2013 ADM Hamburg AG was named an exemplary health and safety company in an external audit from the German authority Amt für Arbeitsschutz.

Facts about ADM Rothensee
  • Focus : Distributor
  • Industry : Raw materials and ingredients

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