About Servi Doryl

SERVI DORYL has been designing and producing moulds, block moulds, coagulation vats, draining trays and other products used to make all types of soft and pressed cheeses for over 40 years now.

SERVI and DORYL were originally two separate companies based at Langeais, in Touraine, along the Loire valley, a famous area for its castles but also goat cheeses and wines.

SERVI was founded in 1972 and specialised in designing and manufacturing plastic moulding systems for soft cheeses. DORYL, a few years later, invented a unique technology of pressing cheese in micro-perforated plastics moulds, which was to revolutionise the manufacturing of pressed cheeses by replacing traditional fabric, wood or stainless steel mould-based systems.

The merger of the two companies in 2006 was a logical step, enabling SERVI DORYL to become the world leader in cheese-making moulds and accessories thanks to the company's ability to propose the full range of technologies in plastic moulds for cheeses of all kinds.

Servi Doryl has been part of the ALPMA Group since 2009, serving customers all over the world from its Langeais plant.

Here you will find Servi Doryl SAS