About BPA Racupack

Although the market requires standard machines there are always a high level of specific customer requirements, relating to both specification and nature of product.

As a company we have to be able to deal with these requests quickly and efficiently. That is why Racupack has adopted a vision for the future where you as acustomer are central, working closely with our engineering team from the beginning of a project, through to final installation and commissioning in your factory.

We have a well equipped production area where innovation is more the rule than the exception. We have a good and well managed team who will help to not only achieve what you ask for but also look at how new technical developments may help you in the improvement of your production process.

Our aim is not just to provide you with a cost effective and low maintenance machine, but to also give substantial improvements in your packaging process. In short, machines that are the foundation for a long and efficient cooperation. "The vision of Racupack"

Facts about BPA Racupack
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Packaging

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