About GEA Avapac

GEA Avapac Ltd. was originally founded as Avalon Engineering Ltd. in the mid 1970's by a group of innovative engineers. Their mission was to produce leading-edge technology to the food processing industry - in particular the NZ Dairy Industry.

This vision resulted in the design and production of world-class hygienic packaging components and systems. The GEA group recognised this potential, and in 1994 Avalon Engineering joined the Group. This acquisition completed GEA's wide range of processes, systems and products that provide innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions to industry.

This relationship brings the experience and products of GEA Avapac to the global marketplace.

A network of marketing and engineering expertise is now available worldwide. GEA Avapac's core business is the design and manufacture of a range of bag filling machines and packing lines that are designed to meet clients' specific needs.

Our commitment to the highest technical construction and hygienic standards results in products of outstanding quality.

GEA Avapac supplies hygienic packing systems for a wide range of powders.

Facts about GEA Avapac
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Packaging

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