Since 1959 company has accumulated a huge know-how, learned to accept and respond to the challenges of a changing market and to meet customer expectations. The base engine has been developing adapted models. JSC "FASA" professionaly designs, manufactures, modernizes and automates the non-standard equipment, technological equipment, technological lines, transportation systems.

Company FASA manufactures packaging equipment for dairy industry - for butter, margarine, processed cheese, yoghurt, cream, ice-cream, milk, confectionary and other food products. FASA offers a wide range of packaging machines: filling, filling and wrapping, fill and seal, form-fill-seal (FFS), flow-pack, batchers, homogenizers, collating and stacking, glazing machines and freezing tunnels are just a part of production range.


We are committed to the development of new technologically advanced equipment. Our experienced professional stuff, design & testing facilities and problem-solving expertise allow us to create innovative, proven design equipment. We offer professionally designed customized solutions according to our customer`s requirements. Our packaging lines are carefully designed to comply with food and safety regulations of the food industry.


Company has its own manufacturing capabilities from engineering and metal processing to the final product. A huge know-how in packaging equipment engineering allows the company to compete successfully in the global market. Our factory has all metal processing facilities including casting, precision cutting, thermal treatment, galvanization, welding, dyeing. Every replacement is made by our experienced, responsible workers. Only good and tested parts, which pass quality control, reach warehouse. In this unit parts are prepaired for equipment assembly.


Quality department is responsible that every element of our equipment would be perfect technical parameters. Each manufactured element is accurately tested by FASA quality department. Assembly is one of the most important steps, therefore is performed by the best qualified workers. Before shipment our equipment is tested and certified. All departments of the factory effectively cooperate and complement each other to ensure the best quality production and high level services.


We produce and export our production worldwide. Our production is exported to more than 30 different countries: in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia and far East, as well as South America. Company has a wide distribution network in Russia and former Soviet countries.

Facts about FA FASA
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Packaging

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