About GEA Procomac

No preservatives to preserve natural living

VISION & MISSION A company that is identified as the market leader for sensitive beverages filling and generally the best option for those markets that require a clean filling environment.

CORE BUSINESS GEA Procomac core business is designing, manufacturing and installing complete aseptic and traditional filling lines for juices, teas, isotonics, soft drinks, milk, dairy products and water.

WORLDWIDE LEADER IN ASEPTIC TECHNOLOGY The first Procomac Aseptic filling line was installed in 1994. Nowadays GEA Procomac is worlwide leader for number of lines sold (162 as of August 2014). GEA Procomac Aseptic technology is recognised as the most reliable on the market. Thanks to its technology performance and outstanding experience in low-acid products filling, GEA Procomac counts a significant number of retourning customers.

PROCOMAC STRATEGY Tailored solutions for special customer requirements: partnership with customers; high flexible line; special projects; lines for odd shape or unusual containers. Main contractor and integrator of complete filling lines: integration of third party technologies; guarantees for overall line performance. Extended engineering capability: integration of GEA Group Engineering excellance.

Facts about GEA Procomac
  • Focus : Service
  • Industry : Production technology

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