About ABI

At ABI, we generate results that directly support your business objectives.

That’s because we communicate exclusively in the universal language of business. Our benefits-driven messaging resonates with key specifiers around the world. Our bottom line thinking keeps our clients on track to generating profits, growing new markets and shortening the sales cycle.

We communicate technical details to technologists, but more importantly we understand the business benefits our clients provide to customers and end users. Our deep knowledge of industrial markets allows us to then translate this knowledge into unique value propositions.

This unique capability is a result of the agency’s unceasing interaction and work with key executives, engineering and technological experts, business development and marketing communications personnel.

Founded in 1980, ABI is a global agency with offices in London, Singapore, Shanghai and New York City, the agency’s headquarters. With talented professionals of varied backgrounds in marketing, public relations, journalism, media and communications, ABI specializes exclusively in business-to-business marketing public relations.

Facts about ABI
  • Focus : Service
  • Industry : PR agency

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