About MyEy

Anyone looking for a vegan, purely plant-based alternative to baking and cooking without eggs will find it in the MyEy product range. The finest ingredients have been cleverly combined to make vegan dishes tasty with purely plant-based ingredients. But it is not only vegans who are interested in the new egg substitute, but also those who have to watch their cholesterol because of animal fats. cholesterol due to animal fats, will find a suitable substitute for cooking and baking without eggs.

When using the alternative egg products, the baking behaviour, consistency, colour, familiar taste and functionality of the egg should be retained but based on purely vegetable ingredients and give your vegan recipes the final taste kick.

Whether baking or cooking without eggs, whether a purely plant-based fried egg or egg dish, MyEy combines the entire spectrum of functionality with the finest vegan ingredients. Whether whipping, binding, loosening or simply experimenting yourself, to refine your vegan recipes - MyEy is now coming to the table and the kitchen! The vegan egg substitute makes it possible! MyEy products from Austria - uniquely whippable!

Facts about MyEy
  • Founding: 2015
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Food

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