About Kern Tec

You now know that fruit pits are super great. Nevertheless, there is a problem.

In Europe alone, over 500 million kilos of pits are thrown away each year during fruit processing. What a waste!

By saving these kernels, we can do good and replace imported nuts - and without irwelche cultivation areas. This saves water & CO2!

The leiwande: With every Wunderkern product you save kernels and help our planet!

We are a young team that burns for the future & delicious food.

While other companies buy the claim "climate friendly" for their products with certificates, we demand real sustainability with real impact!

There is no label fraud with us, because together with you we want to save as much CO2 & water as possible. And we can do that by saving cores together!

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Facts about Kern Tec
  • Founding: 2019
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Food

Product portfolio of Kern Tec

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