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Innovative from experience - Competent from tradition

Ferrum Ltd.: five different business units united under one roof, supplying a huge variety of industrial sectors with products and services that form the base for countless end user products. The widely diversified product range reduces the financial risks. Worldwide activities on every continent, a high level of self-financing and economic independence ensure that the company will continue to enjoy a strong position with excellent prospects also in the future.

The name Ferrum has been long been regarded as synonymous with high performance and quality in a variety of sectors. Justifiably so, for a variety of reasons. The long-standing know-how of our employees, all-round expertise, path-breaking technologies and the will to innovate are just a few of them. The broad-based diversification of our product portfolio, presence on all continents, a high equity ratio and financial independence secure a strong position for Ferrum AG and excellent prospects in the future.

Ferrum constantly aspires to achieve leadership in its respective market sectors. In doing so, it focuses on innovation in products and performance to give its customers a cutting edge. Its products are characterised by a long life cycle, diverse upgrade options and, in turn, a high level of investment security.

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